The rise of shared office spaces and co-working spaces has seen a huge boost in the last few years, particularly in the UK’s biggest towns and cities.

With more people choosing to throw away the 9-5 life to start their own business or go freelance, these spaces have seen an increase in demand, with more people looking for flexible working.

We saw 2018 introduce co-working and shared office space concepts to even more areas of the UK, so we wanted to have a look at why 2019 is the perfect time to invest in a shared office space for your business.


Using the hive mind

The idea behind the hive mind, is taken from worker bees and their ability to link together on a subconscious level. This allows them to work together efficiently and create streamlined processes to get things done.

A shared office space is perfect for creating this mindset, not just between colleagues, but between other businesses. This can aid with things like partnerships and collaborations, which is what a shared office space is all about.


An abundance of networking opportunities

There are an abundance of events within shared office spaces, allowing you to not only meet with other businesses within your space, but also established professionals in your industry.

Networking is essential when it comes to building a successful startup business, which is why you should aim to attend as many as possible. All it takes is one good contact to change the course of your business and reach your first big business goal.

Get in touch with your community manager at Accelerate Places to find out what events will be hosted in your space throughout 2019.  


Flexibility and the room to grow

One of the biggest benefits of a shared office space is the ability to choose your contract length and office size/desk space. You can even get rolling monthly contracts if you want to test a place out before making a bigger, 12-month commitment.

Even if you’re currently a one-man-band, you may grow quicker than expected. By investing in a shared office space, you’ll have the ability to simply scale up your space, rather than move to a brand new office every time you hire new staff.


Greater access to partnerships and platforms

Many shared office spaces will have exclusive partnerships and platforms for their tenants. By signing up to a rolling contract or a 12-month contract, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of these, helping to boost your business even further.

Accelerate Places are supported by leading venture builders, Blenheim Chalcot, who are on hand to help Accelerate tenants with various business advice and guidance. These types of features can be extremely important in the growth of your business and by meeting the right mentors, you could give your business the boost it needs to reach its next level of progression.