Co-working spaces aren’t just about working, there are a whole host of benefits that you could experience by taking the plunge and moving into a shared workspace. For example, in our Manchester coworking space, you can benefit from additional perks with your membership, such as super fast Wi-Fi, free meeting room space and regular co-working space events, to name a few! Read on to learn more about the benefits of co-working spaces.


Advantages of co-working spaces

As mentioned above, co-working spaces provide much more than a place to work. Here, you can benefit from a sense of community and networking opportunities that you wouldn’t get typically get from a normal office environment. But don’t take our word for it! We’ve spoken to other co-working individuals to see why they think co-working spaces are so great.

benefits of working in a co-working space

Charlie on Travel

Charlie on Travel is green travel blog written by Charlie and her partner Luke. Charlie had this to say about her experiences with different co-working spaces around the world.


“The best things about co-working for me are having excellent, reliable wifi (as this can be difficult to find while travelling), a good desk and comfortable office chair to work from, and meeting other digital nomads who I can share skills with and learn from.”



Dreamr is a UK mobile, TV and watch app development organisation, based in the centre of Manchester. Jack Mason, the CEO of Dreamr, shares his thoughts on the best things about working in a co-working space.

Co-working gives you the unique ability to build meaningful connections with like-minded people who you wouldn’t usually get to meet. At Dreamr, we’re continually looking for new talent, and co-working opens those doors to a pool of bright, smart people who can help us grow.”


Spice Kitchen UK

Spice Kitchen is a UK based family-run artisan spice and tea company that specialises in authentic freshly ground spices and tea blends. Here’s what they thought the best thing about working in a co-working space was.

“It’s a space where we can scale our business and bounce ideas off all the other amazing people that are there.”

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Uplift is a digital marketing and SEO agency that is based in the heart Leicester. Founder and owner of Uplift, Luke Glassford, had this to say about working in a co-working space.

“I run an online marketing business on my own, and share a workspace with a web development company and a graphic designer. As well as the opportunity to share resources/knowledge etc. the best thing about working in a co-working space is the company of other people. Working for yourself can get a bit lonely, so a co-working space can provide some much-needed interaction with other humans!”

Drew Forsyth

Drew Forsyth is an international photographer, specialising in commercial, dance and portrait photography. Drew is based in our very own Manchester co-working space, and here’s what he had to say about Accelerate Places.

“One of the nicest things about Accelerate Places is the feeling of support you receive from the community. As a freelancer, working on solo projects can be quite lonely and knowing I have a supportive community of people willing me to succeed is really valuable.”

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More benefits of co-working spaces…

We’ve come up with a few more ways that you could benefit from working in a co-working space.



Co-working spaces are much more flexible than dedicated office spaces, as you don’t have to worry about fixed-term leases, or maintenance and paying for utility bills. Instead, all you need to do is sign up to an all-inclusive membership and leave the rest up to us! Better yet, Accelerate Places memberships operate on a one-month rolling contract for even more flexibility.


Networking opportunities

Working in a co-working space gives you access to a wide range of different businesses, thus maximising your opportunity to network. Whether it’s introducing yourself to the businesses working around you, or participating in dedicated networking events, you’ll be sure to meet new people that can help your business thrive.


When working from home, it’s easy to get distracted by your surroundings. According to a recent study, co-working office environments made 64% of entrepreneurs more productive, therefore you could experience the very same benefits by moving into a co-working space.


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