Networking in Manchester has grown massively over the last few years, as more and more start-ups choose to call the city home. With this increase in networking events, there has also been an increase in the drinking culture within start-up businesses.

We are bringing together some of the brightest minds and biggest players in the start-up scene to talk about the drink culture at these events. We wanted to open the topic up for debate, to see if people are for or against drinking at networking events.

We’ll be taking a look at whether drinking makes networking easier, whether it actually damages future business relationships and whether it is actually necessary for creating those all important business connections.   

Why do we drink at networking events?

The question of why we choose to drink at networking events is what we will be debating at our Start-Up, Sober-Up event. Whether it’s to calm our nerves, or simply make talking to complete strangers that little bit easier, we’ll be finding out what the people working within the start-up scene in Manchester really think.

Drinking has always been known as a social activity, but is it something that has a place in a more professional setting?

Should business events be booze free?

At our upcoming Start-Up, Sober-Up event, our panelists will be discussing the need for booze at networking events, with opinions from both sides being represented. We want to open the discussion as to whether alcohol holds a place within these kinds of events, or if it is something that has become more of a habit than a necessity.

There could be an argument that says alcohol gives these new business owners some ‘dutch courage’ giving the confidence they need to approach important and influential people and sell their idea to them.

How ‘socialising’ fits in with start-up culture

When it comes to creating a start-up business, some of the success you will encounter may come from those who you know and the relationships you have built. These connections can often be the difference between your business getting off the ground, or being a complete flop.

Socialising and drinking is a big part of forming these relationships, especially within the Manchester networking landscape. We are fascinated to see what the start-up scene makes of this and whether they feel it is necessary.

If you’d like to take part in the debate, make sure you grab your free ticket right here. We’ll have a panel of experts ready to argue both sides of the argument and decide whether alcohol still has a place within start-up culture today.