Here at Accelerate Places, we are all about community and collaboration. We put your business first, ensuring you are surrounded by the most inspiring businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as having a creative and calm environment to work from.

We know how important a positive company culture is to productivity and morale, so we wanted to put together a few tips and tricks for you to try in your own business. A happy team makes a hard-working team and, within a small business or startup, this is of the utmost importance.

By implementing small changes, you’ll be able to create a better and more pleasant place to work for you and your employees!   


The importance of employee morale

Happy employees have been linked to the success of a business. In general, a happy team makes a productive team – people are more likely to work hard for a company they feel cares about their wellbeing. If employees don’t feel taken care of or like their voice can’t be heard, they become more unproductive, which has a negative impact on the business.

When it comes to small companies and startups, the productivity of your team is hugely important. Without them, you would not have the time or flexibility to grow and build your business.

To help keep teams happy, building a community can be the perfect way to boost morale, improve teamwork and create a working environment that people are proud to be a part of.


Improving team culture

Improving team culture can be as simple as having regular movie nights, work drinks or team building days. Being consistent with these is extremely important – it is only with consistency that you can start to create a culture for your team.

It also helps to reward employees for all of their hard work, again, taking care of your team and showing them that you care about their wellbeing and appreciate their work.



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Ensure you have an approachable HR department

Having an HR department or person is something that often falls to the bottom of the list of ‘people to hire’, but an approachable HR person can make all the difference.

A productive and happy team needs someone they can go to with any issues they have, whether that be business or personal problems that may affect their work. With the focus on work/life balance being bigger than ever and mental health in the workplace being a topic of conversation at the moment, this is an important area to pay attention to.


Encourage teamwork within your team

Teamwork is a huge part of being a strong community, but it is also a key part of running a successful business.

Encouraging teamwork doesn’t have to consist of a team building day in the office where you have to reveal embarrassing stories of yourselves. These days, there are hundreds of things you can do to help with team building, including breakout rooms, parties or more active events like raft building or kayaking!

If you don’t quite have the budget, organise regular idea sessions and get all departments involved. Ask team members with contrasting skills to team up, to try and create something for the business or a client.    



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How to join the Accelerate Places community

Another very easy way to create a community for your team is to move your business into a lively coworking space. Accelerate Places allows you to not only focus on growing your business, but also encourages collaboration amongst their tenants.

We have built an environment where you can work hard and play hard, finding that perfect work/life balance and opening up amazing opportunities for your business. We got rid of the bells and whistles, to help spend more time making sure you and your team are well looked after and are part of the Accelerate community.

Why not book yourself a tour and come and meet our friendly community managers and see a bit more of our space? Or even better, take a look at our amazing coworking memberships!