Accelerate Places Manchester

Attracting high-quality candidates with just a job description and some company information isn’t going to work in today’s world, a company needs to show off why they are deserving of having the best people in the industry. 

While great company culture is formed from within, there may also be a variety of external factors that affect it, for example, your workspace. Making sure these external factors are also in line with the vision you are creating can be a juggling act but when done right, it can contribute greatly to attracting and retaining the people you want.

Create a business that has a personality

When you form a great company culture that’s not just all about figures and driving sales, it opens the business up to have a personality. This personality will most certainly resonate with talented candidates and may even have similarities to their own. Making sure you’re integrating this persona with your core vision and values compounds this effect thus improving the chances of people who excel choosing your business. In addition, your passion is represented in your branding both externally and internally at your offices, the cohesive nature of your business can be seen at Accelerate Places we think this is pivotal and that is why we offer you brand visibility within our spaces.

A better atmosphere leads to happier employees

Company culture and the day to day atmosphere of the business kind of go hand in hand. Creating a positive atmosphere will not only uplift current employees but will show off to candidates you’re interviewing that everyone is enjoying their roles. At Accelerate Places, we believe we have a fantastic atmosphere throughout, with many companies reaping the benefits. From onsite cafes to relaxing music, the atmosphere we create allows our members to have a positive environment to walk into day after day.

Create an environment that allows employees to become advocates

Allowing employees to have a voice within your organisation and influence culture as a whole, will create a positive ethos that leads to advocacy. When employees transition into advocates they will speak highly of the company within their networks. With this, other like-minded professionals will know they also have the chance to flourish thus creating a talent attraction snowball effect. With referral’s and word of mouth from great impressions being the cheapest tool in terms of marketing you may as well make sure you members are happy to refer people.

Development opportunities retain talent

If you create a company culture that inspires opportunities, your best people are going to want a piece of that. Creating opportunities for your team isn’t always about promotions. Employees relish opportunities to invest and refine their craft. Building a reputation as an investor in people will ensure the best in the business will want to work for you. Here at Accelerate Places, we encourage all of our members to share expertise, connect with similar roles across our community as well as host events to support gaining new skills and personal growth. Having these types of opportunities at your disposal could be a real chance to implement a development culture for your company with ease.

Think about your workspace

As previously mentioned, there are a variety of external factors that can influence your company’s culture, one being your offices. If your offices are a dark and dreary sight, it’s not going to give off a great vibe, especially when interviewing for a new role. On the other hand, if the office space you’re in has a fantastic break out space, a vibrant cafe and has a real sense of community, interviewees will walk away with a great first impression.

Potentially think about opting for a shared office space. Not only will a shared office space provide a modern take on decor, but there’s also a chance for you and your colleagues to network with various different industries. Take our Manchester location, for example, it’s based in the city centre with easy travel links and has a real sense of community. We’ve seen businesses create a fantastic culture with their time here and you could do the same.