Manchester is quickly becoming a hotbed of start-up companies, entrepreneurship and full of opportunities. Long gone are the days when starting your own business means you have to sit in a café all day, using their WiFi and trying to have a conversation without the person on the next table listening into your conversation.

The savvy entrepreneurs of today are turning to grow and develop their businesses in coworking spaces like Accelerate Places in Manchester. From networking with other entrepreneurs to enjoying a city centre location, read our complete guide to coworking in Manchester.


Benefits of coworking for you and your business

Starting a new business and having a dedicated space or desk you can sit at in a structured working environment is priceless. When weighing up the pros and cons of your local café or a makeshift office in your home, you’ll soon find that you’ll be missing the structure of going to an office whilst having the flexibility to come and go as you wish.

This is where a coworking space or desk wins, as it gets you out the house and to mix with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are also going through the same start-up business transitions. Being part of a productive work environment will not only have a positive impact on your business but also for your general well-being.


What to consider for your coworking space

With so many options for coworking spaces available it can be easy to feel lost. However, we’re here to help with finding your perfect coworking space in Manchester. Here’s what you should consider when choosing your coworking space for your new business:


Location, location, location

Having a city centre location can set your business apart from your competitors and give a certain level of credibility when starting out. It’s important to think about how accessible it is by public transport if there are car parks near and how easy it is for your customers to get to. You should choose a coworking space that will leave a good impression on prospective clients, however, if you don’t have a lot of client-facing work you may consider looking for a location nearest to your home.

Coworking Manchester


Research the other tenants

You should check or ask the coworking space for a list of the tenants. Whether you’re looking for networking opportunities or want to see if there are like-minded businesses operating there, take time to research the other coworking tenants. If you are able to get a trial or reserve a desk for a week or two and make a conscious effort to meet the other tenants, their businesses and how they feel about working there. This will be a great source of information into the overall coworking environment there.


Space for you and your business to grow

Your startup is going well and you now need to bring more people on. The advantage of steadily growing your business in a coworking space is that you don’t need to keep looking for or moving offices. Having an office space which you can grow in from having just a couple of desks to a designated office space, consider how far you can grow your business within the coworking space.


Check out the amenities

A coworking space should have all the basic amenities you would expect to find in an office space and more. From how much you can print to the use of meeting rooms and refreshments available check out the amenities available and don’t forget to see if there’s bike storage and super-fast WiFi.


Community and networking events

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a coworking space as your new office is the various weekly and monthly community events such as talks from successful entrepreneurs and nights out. Throughout the year coworking spaces also put on a number of networking events where they may also bring in influential people and investors, giving you the opportunity to gain even more exposure for your business.


Opening times

This will affect the times your business can operate and if the coworking space is only open from 8 am to 6 pm it can restrict your flexibility. Some coworking spaces like Accelerate Places in Manchester are open 24/7 allowing you to come and go as you wish, work when you are most productive and make sure you cover the business hours you need.


Why choose Accelerate Places in Manchester?

A flexible and fun coworking space with over 180 desks and private offices, Accelerate Places in Manchester is the home of passionate tech startup owners to ambitious entrepreneurs. With all-inclusive pricing and flexible membership contracts, you don’t need to worry about utility bills and the 24-hour access lets you work to the schedule that suits you and your business best. The limitless printing, photocopying and scanning, refreshments and use of meeting rooms helps keep your business costs down and keep your business ticking.

At Accelerate Manchester there’s a rich programme of events both social and networking focused to help grow your business and meet like-minded business owners. We’re also part of Blenheim Chalcot who have over 20 years of experience helping to scale startups and with your Accelerate Places membership, you can tap into their knowledge and expertise.

Contact us today to book a tour or to find out more about our Freebie Thursday coworking pass and how we can help to grow your business in Manchester, London, and Nottingham.