Within the Accelerate Places Manchester coworking space is One Million Mentors, an amazing organisation that helps to pair professionals from varying backgrounds, with young people looking to improve their professional skills and experience.

We caught up with them to talk a bit about their relationship with us here at Accelerate Places and some of the benefits they’ve experienced since joining our community.


Can you explain in a bit more detail what One Million Mentors is and what you guys do?

“Against the post-Brexit backdrop of division and increasing polarisation between generations and social classes, One Million Mentors aims to break down social barriers, and develop mutual respect and understanding between people of different backgrounds.

One Million Mentors is an innovative and exciting initiative which looks to build a national online platform to recruit, train, support and deploy professionals as mentors to organisations working with young people. Our ambition is to build a movement of a million mentors over the next decade.”


How did you find out about Accelerate Places Manchester?

“Our co-founders Rushanara Ali MP and Alveena Malik know the owners of 101 Princess St. They were talking about 1MM to them which at the time was just an idea.


Luckily for us, our purpose and approach seemed to fit with the values of what the owners wanted to create in AP, by supporting ambitious startups looking to make an impact in Manchester and the North West. We jumped at the chance of securing some desks at AP, moved in and have not looked back since!”


Out of all of the coworking spaces in Manchester, what made you want settle down in Accelerate Places?

“1MM were keen to be in a space with thriving tech ideas, because tech is a vital part of our organisation.

In addition, AP is at an excellent location in the city, with restaurants, cafes, public transport nearby. It was very easy to arrange meetings here with our stakeholders too, as it is such an accessible, cool space.”


Amazing! So when it comes to choosing a coworking space, what’s most important?  

“The most important thing is having a good atmosphere coming into work. What we like about AP is that everyone is very friendly and hardworking. Speaking to other people in the office, it is clear that the pioneers and leaders of tech in the North West are in this space. It motivates you to be more creative and productive.

In addition, 1MM have had no issues when it comes to approaching the staff here, Lisa and Georgia-Kaye have also been very supportive.”


Have you had chance to tap into the AP community and features yet? How have you used them so far?

“The 1MM team has expanded, and AP has contributed to this change as we have a fantastic office to work in for the new team. In addition, AP has supported us in recruiting mentors as some members of AP have signed up to our platform.

One of the steps to becoming a mentor is attending a training session and AP have kindly allowed us to use their space for this. It is a great advantage to have event space that is easy and accessible for our mentors to attend.”


Out of all of what Accelerate Places has to offer, what have been your highlights whilst working within AP Manchester?

We have found the network and diverse range of businesses that reside in AP really beneficial to bounce ideas with, make new partnerships and recruit mentors from! We also find the regular updates, numerous social events and Lisa making an effort to come by and say hello at least once a week really conducive to great office politics and a more productive business.

Our favourite thing has to be the friendly people here. We really enjoy coming into work, though we can do our work from any place we feel much more productive at AP. The space is not crowded and we really like the layout of the office. It is easy to make private calls, book meeting rooms in the city, and work as many hours as you want, as the space is open 24/7. We would recommend anyone to work here.”

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