Here at Accelerate Places, we are focused on building a strong and collaborative community and we believe in shining the spotlight on businesses that are making waves in their industry.

This week we are chatting to endur8, an endurance app for dedicated athletes. The app helps athletes to plan their endurance training and competitions, allowing them to plot the optimal re-fuelling points along the way.

Based in our Nottingham space, endur8 have become an integral part of our community and we wanted to find out more about how they enjoy our coworking space and the Accelerate Places experience.


Tell us a bit about endur8 and the work you guys have been doing  

“endur8 sits within the sports technology market and advises endurance athletes when to take nutrition as well as how much to take. Its unique algorithm calculates each athlete’s requirements by incorporating the user’s personal profile and the terrain of each route.

We created endur8 in June 2016 and following development and beta testing, we had our hard launch for iOS in August 2017. The endur8 app quickly gave us our international customer base, which required us to vastly update not only an international database for nutritional products, but also drove us to elevate our GPS functions above our competition and to move from a limited elevations dataset, to our global elevations data taken directly from the results of NASA’s global terrain mission.

We launched the apple watch app in July of 2018 and following very encouraging success, we will now open our fuel comparison services online at, to be integrated with third-party performance trackers by importing endur8 fuel plans.

All of this ultimately allows each athlete to make very specific comparisons with the fuel they use through the in-app analytics, to ensure they’re training and competing at their highest standard.”


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How did you find out about Accelerate Places? Were you specifically looking for a coworking space at the time?

“We started looking for coworking spaces following a meeting with one of our partners. We were impressed with the set-up they had and Accelerate Places suited us.

As I’m based in Nottingham, it’s an easy commute, but we have a lot of meetings both in London and up North and having the London meeting rooms and Manchester meeting rooms at our disposal, was a big draw for us.

We found Accelerate online after some research and the renting model looked to work well for us in comparison to some of the others and we were right!”


That’s amazing! So what benefits have you seen in your business since joining us?

“Our greatest period of growth has been whilst at Accelerate Nottingham.

This is down to our team’s hard work and the speed at which we’ve broken into the market. Undoubtedly, the perception we’ve given due to the look and feel of the office space and meeting rooms has had an impact on those businesses we’ve invited over and has been mentioned often. A very comfortable setting to hold meetings.

The meeting rooms and telephone room are probably the most frequently beneficial features but the overall comfort of the office makes it a very pleasant place to work and that has an impact on productivity.”


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What’s your favourite thing about being part of Accelerate Places and would you recommend other businesses to check us out?

“The most appealing aspect to Accelerate for us as a start-up, is the discussions that naturally take place with other start-ups in other and very different markets to our own, as well as the exchanges of ideas with more mature business and entrepreneurs where experience, expertise and knowledge can be shared. So yes, I would recommend Accelerate Places highly.”

If you’d like to find out more about moving into Accelerate Places, get in touch with us or book a tour to see the space for yourself!