The World Health Organisation now recognises ‘burnout’ as an occupational phenomenon, calling it “a syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”. There are many reasons why people burn out at work, from a culture of excess to unrealistic workloads and a desire to move up the career path by proving you can do bigger, better and more.

Whilst many companies now recognise this issue, there are steps you can take personally to beat burnout at work. We’ve collated some of them here:

Start the day in a good mood

Mornings are hard, especially in the winter months when we’re getting ready for work in what feels like the middle of the night. Add to this, pressures at home such as needing to get the dog out, getting your children dressed for school and all of a sudden, the day has got off to a bad start.

Before you get up, try a short meditation to frame your mind for the day ahead – Calm and Headspace are both great apps for this. Paint your room a fresh new shade; according to experts, greens and yellows make you feel happy whereas reds and purples can help boost your energy.

Treat yourself, make time for a proper breakfast even if that means getting up a few minutes earlier. It’s amazing what some quiet time with a coffee, fresh fruit and granola can do for your peace of mind.

Sunrise over fields

During the working day

Once you get to work, there are a number of things you can do to help beat the burn out. Here are our suggestions:

  • Build your break schedule. Taking a break when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed is the best way to get yourself back on track. Walk away from your desk, make a hot drink and take ten minutes to yourself. We have plenty of break out spaces at Accelerate Places for you to do this.
  • Be open about how you feel. Confide in a colleague or work friend and get their advice on how you’re feeling.
  • Learn to relax and give yourself time. Many workplaces now offer yoga, meditation and massages. If your workplace doesn’t, something as simple as a lunchtime walk can be just as therapeutic.
  • A balanced workload. This is easier said than done but take time to look at your to-do list and make sure that you aren’t doing more than you should. It’s better to over deliver than under deliver so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk to your line manager about what can be done to reduce the load.

Remember to switch off

There will always be times when we have to work late or continue something when we get home but it’s really important to switch off in the evenings and at the weekends to avoid burnout at work. Be proactive in turning off your work phone and laptop. Don’t let yourself be held to ransom by emails and WhatsApp messages late into the night.

Feeling positive in the workplace

Think big and plan ahead

We find that having something to look forward to is a great motivation for working hard. Knowing there is a treat waiting for you is a compelling reason to get the job done. This could be a holiday or something as simple as a get together with your friends. By having something to look forward to you have a focus outside your work. That’s incredible important for your mental wellbeing.

Accelerate Places are happy, balanced workspace environments with break out zones, events and a mix of individual coworkers and teams. We recognise burnout at work and encourage any one feeling unhappy to talk to their line managers. If that doesn’t feel possible, speak to friends and family or call a listening service like MIND and they will help you work through your emotions to make a plan for the future.