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Our all-inclusive, business-friendly terms include:

  • Enjoy our private cafe, ready to cater to all of your snack and coffee needs
  • Book out one of our many meeting rooms when you’ve got an important client call or meet and greet
  • Enjoy your very own, dedicated desk
  • Work faster with our lightning speed internet!


Black Friday Deal Alert!

Get 20% off our Manchester co-working spaces.

Black Friday Offers


Why take advantage of our amazing co-working spaces?

There’s been a great deal of research around the increase of co-working spaces and the benefits they can have for startups.

For example, around 68% of workers situated in co-working spaces said they were able to focus better in a co-working environment. Not just that, but 90% also stated that they felt more confident and comfortable in their work when renting desk space!

Still not convinced? What if we told you that 71% said that they noticed a huge boost to their creativity, they also said that they felt healthier and their standard of work had vastly improved!   


What are you waiting for? Find your perfect shared office space at Accelerate Spaces

Whether you’re looking for a first home for your startup or you’re a budding entrepreneur looking for a space to grow and develop your ideas, we’ve got the desk space for you! You can even book a tour to come and have a look around, meet the team and the other residents of Accelerate Places Manchester.

Grab this amazing 20% off deal on our Manchester co-working spaces and discover the benefits for yourself. Hurry though, we’d hate to sell out before you get the chance to join us!